What they said

Erika, Germany

"Faith is a beautiful and caring person through and through. There weren't too many people I wanted by my side when I had my c- section, except my husband who was deployed. But Faith was definitely one of them! She made sure I was comfortable before and after. Checked in with us to make sure all was well. She is and forever will be a part of our family!"

Mary, Kansas

"Faith, I honestly don't know what I would have done without you. You have truly found your calling. You made me feel so comfortable, relaxed, and empowered helping me find confidence in myself."

Misty, Germany

"Faith, you will always be special to me. I don't know what I would have done without you. You kept me calm and stayed with me the whole time."

Lindsey, South Korea

"I can not recommend Faith in Birth Doula Services enough! Affordable, amazing support, before, during, and after birth. My birth plan was developed and executed perfectly. I can not imagine a better advocate. Faith in Birth Doula Services practically delivered our little girl. My husband loved the whole experience. My parents call Faith Bomar a Saint. Interview and learn what Faith in Birth Doula Services is all about; you will not be disappointed!"

Lindsey, Kansas

"I mean this with the deepest of sincerity: I don't know what we would have done without you. The Lord used you to bring laughter to my tears, comfort from my pain and redemption to the disappointing parts our birth story. You are uniquely gifted and I affirm your calling to, as you say "bring the Lord's saints into this world". Thank you for coming along side us in this journey of bringing B in the world. Thank you for speaking truth continually and for rejoicing with us."

Kristin, South Korea

"I would recommend Faith in Birth Doula Services to any expecting families out there. As a young family on a budget my husband and I went back and fourth on wether or not we needed a doula, but by the end of our birthing experience my husband told me he doesn't know how we would have gotten thru it without Faith, and I agreed. So for anyone unsure like I was, schedule the interview and don't be hesitant about investing in the birth that you want."

Danella, Kansas

"Faith, with you there the process was a lot less stressful for both Andre and I. You provided tips to Andre that encouraged him to be an active participant throughout the entire process... greater then twenty hours. You also did a great job keeping me focused which was a task in itself."

Bridget, South Korea

"My husband and I were lucky enough to have Faith as our Doula for the birth of our daughter in February. We can't speak more highly of Faith and the service she provided us. Before the birth she was always available for questions and even came over to our house with a bag of supplies when I got sick the week before the baby arrived. The bag also included a snowboard magazine for my snowboard obsessed husband! Faith's calm , caring personality and her fantastic sense of humor were amazing before, during and after delivery. She was not only supportive of me, but also my husband throughout the whole process. We couldn't be more thankful for having her as our doula."

Shawna and Jay, South Korea

"Faith, Thank you for helping us bring L into this world. When the pain was unbearable you covered my eyes and helped me relax. You gave Jay and I the tools to labor together and kept us both hydrated and sane! At the end, your one word 'yes' helped me get through. You were the voice I listened to. I trusted you, my husband trusted you. From the bottom of our hearts, 

Ashley, South Korea

"Faith in Birth Doula services was an amazing fit for my family. These services included care for before, during, and after. I never once felt alone in my journey and knew if I had a question or concern Faith would be right there. The use of my birth plan had to be altered slightly, so naturally Faith asked me the hard questions to make sure I was making decisions for me and not being pushed into something I wasn't comfortable with. Lastly, Faith has a quiet strength that is invaluable. She loves what she does and is exceptional while she does it!"

Kyle, South Korea

"If you are reading this and are of the male gender, you might be wondering what actual value Faith brings to the birthing process. The short answer is A LOT. For my wife and I, the possibility of hiring a doula for our birth was her idea. However, I quickly got on board as I learned more about what a natural birth required. I was in over my head and I needed help. I knew that during labor I would give as much emotional support as I could, but the actual helpful tips and strategies that my wife was sure to need were beyond my abilities. A third party who wasn't emotionally connected would also be able to provide information and encouragement to my wife in a totally different way than I ever could. As our doula, Faith was an incredible support to my wife, but she was also a great help to me. Her presence allowed me just to be the supportive husband and soon-to-be dad. I didn't also have to be the teacher, coach, cheerleader, photographer, hospital liaison, etc. because Faith excels at those (she caught our birth on video!!). Faith was very observant during labor and paid attention to detail. Little things like adding a pillow here or getting you something to drink were really helpful. I would highly recommend Faith to any other guys out there whose wives are pursuing a natural childbirth. She is worth every dime."

Alyssa, Kansas

"Faith was amazing!! She came to my house a couple times to show me things to do to help the baby come down and widen my hips. She also walked with me to help me induce labor because I was so uncomfortable. I planned on an epidural but that's not what I got! I arrived at the hospital at 2-3 centimeters and she met me there, we walked the hospital for an hour. I could not have done it without her!!! She would press on my hips when I was having contractions and that helped so much. She also helped me to relax during contractions so they could do their job. I instinctively wanted to tense up and fight them but every time she would get me to relax my body. Walking through the contractions helped so much too. It kept my mind off of how painful they really were.  By the time I went into the exam room I was 6 centimeters and the walk to the delivery room I was 10 and it was time to push. I didn't plan on a natural birth so I was freaking out, literally!!!! Faith stayed calm and helped me find control so I could push. My husband was so scared to see me in that much pain and she helped him to understand that it's normal and I would be fine. If you are thinking about hiring Faith I would 100% say yes. She is so kind and caring but also funny and down to earth. Without a doubt I would hire her again!!!"