Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of having doula support?

The purpose of hiring a doula is to insure that you will have continuous support for you and your partner through the entire process of labor and delivery. This can be as simple as a reassuring glance when things get intense or as involved as holding you when nothing goes as expected. The point being, I do this for a living, this is your once in a lifetime.

What sets you apart from other doulas?

My quiet presence echoes volumes to your power. Experience and instinct has taught me where to place my hands to provide comfort, while education has taught me why that leads to reprieve. I know what I am doing when I act as your doula, is exactly what I am meant to be doing in life. For me, this is not a hobby, this is my chosen career. Supporting you and building you up during an incredible time in life is a gift that comes naturally to me. Insuring that the entire process is one that is centered around you, your partner and your baby. 

What training and experience do you bring to our birth?

I trained to be a doula through Dona International, have completed the pro-doula advanced business training course and Spinning Babies workshop, taken a Rebozo techniques training with Childbirth Professionals International. I am first-aid, CPR, and infant CPR certified. I have attended hospital births including natural and medicated births, at home water births, at home spontaneous births, births at multiple birthing centers, and C-Sections. I am now working in my third country attending births. The beauty of this field is that there is always more ways to expand ones knowledge. 

What does a doula NOT do?

Anything medical is out of our scope of practice. A doula will not listen to heart tones, perform cervical checks, or give out medication. All information I give you I can provide sources for and the information will not be based on my own opinion. 

How do we hire you, how does this work?

On the Home page you will find a contact us section. Fill out your email and you will receive a response to your email within 1-2 business days. We will set up an interview time and date. When I receive a signed services agreement and retainer fee, I will officially be your doula. At that time we will set up a date and time for our next meeting.