About Us

Faith Bomar

I am a believer, a military wife, a mother of four, and a Doula. My mother is also a doula and some of my earliest childhood memories are of being at home births with her, assisting by warming towels and boiling water. Fast-forward to the birth of my first child. Delivering at home was the farthest thing from my mind. We had a wonderful military hospital birth followed by two more, one of which was in Germany. By our fourth birth together, my hubby and I had grown confident enough with the birthing process, that our boy was born in a birth tub in our bedroom right into his Daddy's hands. After that experience, I felt called back to my roots. With the support of my loved ones, I dove into the family tradition of supporting families no matter how or where they birth! 

Message from Faith:

"My goal as your doula is to make myself available to provide without judgment, physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical support. Being your doula means customizing care to suit the needs of every individual family."